A long time ago, a soldier and his wife wished to have a child. Before their wish could be granted, the soldier had to leave to fight for their king.

As the soldier came home, he passed through a flower field and he heard a cry. He knelt down low to the ground and found a little girl among the flowers. There was no one else around, so the soldier took her home to his wife and they raised the little girl as their daughter.

The girl grew up to be a beautiful and kind woman. She was so beautiful other people throughout the kingdom wanted to marry her, but she told them all "no".

Finally, the woman said, "I will marry you if you can bring me rainbow glass from the valley below the Sun and Gale."

Everyone knew it was too dangerous to travel towards the Sun and Gale. The Sun was too hot and the Gale's winds pushed everyone away. Most of the people gave up and went home.

But one man tried to trick the woman. He took a shard of glass and heated it until it looked like a rainbow. He gave the glass to the woman, and she looked at it closely. She told the man, "This glass is as fake as your love for me," and the man left, angry that she saw through his trick.

Another man came to the woman and gave a shard of glass. She looked at it closely, and said, "This is glass from the valley under the Gale. How did you find this?"

The man said, "I am a servant of the prince, who sent me to find your glass. I asked Water for drink and for fish to eat. I asked Shadow for shelter from the sun, and Stone for shelter from the winds. With their help, I brought the glass from the valley below the Sun and Gale."

The woman smiled and said, "I will not marry the prince if he did not get the glass himself, but I would like to be your friend."

Together as friends, the woman, the prince, and the prince's servant lived happily in their castle.

But after many years, a great storm covered the kingdom and would not stop. The prince and his servant asked the storm to leave, but it wouldn't listen. The daemons who helped the servant before, Water and Shadow and Stone, appeared at the castle. They said the storm came for the woman, to bring her back to her daemon family. She had to go back to the flowers.

Although she didn't want to leave her friends, the woman knew she had to return to make the storm stop. She gave the prince and the servant a kiss. When she returned to her home, she would make sure daemons always listened to them.

The woman disappeared, leaving the prince and his servant alone and heartbroken. When they grew old and died, their families planted them with flowers so they could be with their friend again.

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